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The B-Revealed story has been quite a journey filled with emotions, reactions, ups and downs, doubts, a sense of not belonging, deep secrets and complications. Nevertheless, it has been beautiful!


It all started in 2016 when Berlange Presilus decided to be brave, airing out her wounds, pains and illness. Berlange was born with a rare condition called Klippel Trenaunay and due to its rarity and complications, Berlange has always been judged. She lived in fear, never felt good enough and complete. As far as freedom, she never truly felt or experienced such thing. She then decided that there must be more to life than her current state. She began to make YouTube videos speaking about various things, in a way trying to warm up into (Be)ing Revealed. Life happened and her hunger to be free beats the speed of the videos, she became Revealed (Berlange Revealed) way before she expected. In the process of B-ing Revealed, Berlange had to write her own affirmations. In a way, she was parenting herself and those affirmations empowered her. Each day she made a declaration.


B-ing Revealed has allowed Berlange to boldly own her truths whilst educating people about the importance of self-love and acceptance. Encouraging people from all walks of life, spreading love everywhere she goes as well as supporting organizations and facilitating self-empowerment ideas and initiatives.


B-Revealed is a story, message, vision and brand


B-REVEALED is the true definition of how one can turn pain into purpose. Started as a way through life, to a movement and transformed into a lifestyle brand with so much meaningful and powerful stories. B-Revealed is so much more than the apparels, it is a brand that encourages men, women and children to be bold no matter what. It is being yourself wholesomely without any inhibition and using the mindset to empower yourself and others. It is loving oneself unconditionally, appreciating oneself fully and knowing that you are limitless and the perceptions of others should not define your reality.

Lastly it is to show the world who you are without having to ask permission and to always be reminded that it’s ok to Be-YOU-Till Full Each and every one of us has a story and the world awaits you to B-REVEALED To B-Revealed does not mean one should only expose their hurt and air out their wounds prematurely, but instead, to Be Relevant, Elevating, Valuable, Encouraged, Aspired, Limitless, Exceptional and Daring.

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