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Born in O-cap Haitian, Haiti. I moved to the U.S. from Haiti at the age of 12 where my parents sought a better life for my two siblings and I. At an early age I pictured myself as a super model, the one I studied in the fashion magazines. I begin to live that dream by making the church walkway and the routes to school my runway.

Born in Haiti as the only daughter and the youngest sibling to two boys, Berlange Presilus learned to fight for her rights and be strong at a very early age. As far as she can remember, life in Haiti was beautiful, but she constantly had to battle with her older brothers and stand her ground, which served as a preparation for the world she was about to face and helped shape her into a resilient and determined woman. 

She moved to the U.S.A at the age of 12 and this enabled her to have  greater aspirations of making her dreams come true. However, the worries and fears that filled her life were always greater than the opportunities presented. Sometimes she felt very close to realizing her destiny, but yet so far, due to the constant rejections she faced.

Not to long ago, Berlange made the decision to stand up and use her platform to speak her truth. She struggled with not fitting in and being accepted in such a cut throat fashion industry. Despite being born with one of the rarest condition - Klippel Trenaunay, and also suffers from Lymphedema, she is showing the world that beauty is an attitude and it is within all of us; it is beyond what the eyes can see.

Berlange is the Co-founder of B-Revealed which is a brand that is used to promote positivity, self love and empowerment. B-Revealed is a movement, foundation, fashion brand and an empowerment ideology. Berlange has also partnered up with different organizations such as K-T. org, Free For All, Kiwanis and more. She has been featured in commercials and ads for Toys R Us, Samsung, Mac Cosmetic, Hakim Optical, ClassQue, Giant Tiger, Johnny Walker, Marriot, Jobst and has graced several fashion runways and billboards (including a Marriott billboard ad at Times Square, New York).

Most recently, Berlange made an appearance on the largest TV talk show in Canada, 100 Huntley Street. She also appeared The Social CTV. Berlange has gained features from reputable media outlets such as Fox News, Metro,  Daily Mail, Pathways Magazine, Yahoo Lifestyle, The Weight She Carries and more. 

Berlange continues to dominate the runway and defy beauty standards. She is a role model, ambassador, Klippel Trenaunay spokesmodel, entrepreneur, influencer, humanitarian and advocate. She hopes to empower others to dream out loud, own their truth and believe in endless possibilities. More importantly, 

she aims to reconcile societal perceptions of beauty and the stigma around chronic illnesses and perceived beauty standards.

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