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Never Give Up

"Never give up. It's perhaps one of the most repeated sayings one might hear throughout life. I live by a Motto. * LIVE LOVE LAUGH.* My name is Denise. I'm a Mother of 3 and a Grandmother. I am a 2 time Cancer Survivor. I've survived 2 car accidents which left 3 discs in my back severely damaged. I Walk, Talk, Sleep, Eat and Live with pain, however I never let that stop me from my love of Fashion, Styling and Modeling.

**I AM. I HAVE. I WILL. I MUST. Everyday I face the world in which I embrace my truth and never let fear stop me. If I can touch one person's life, I would encourage them to live life to the fullest and always put your best YOU forward. Pain let's you know you are alive. No matter what comes my way I rise to face it head on. I never know if the outcome will always go my way but with the strength of God, my family, friends, and loved ones, there is no obstacle I can't face. I am proud of the path that my journey has lead me so far. I will never give up while I continue to face the world one step at a time Bold and Fierce."


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